Česká 16

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Česká 16

What is Czech is nice. But does that include film? We would certainly disagree with you up until recently, but this year has managed to convince us that something interesting is indeed starting to brew within Czech cinematography. And where else to look at the contemporary trends of Czech films than in short film production?

We have once again prepared a block of films devoted to the most interesting of Czech cinematography in all of its diversity. There will be one film by an amateur filmmaker from Brno, one film from the production of Prague Film School, another film from the Film School in Písek, and one independent animated film. Integral part of Czech 16 will also be the discussion of screened films.



Son / Syn

Martin Chlup   16'   Czech rep.

Wildlife Crossing 2015

Wildlife Crossing! / Wildlife Crossing!

Noro Držiak   6'   Czech rep.


Lucie / Lucie

Ran Li   20'   Czech rep.


The Pit / Jáma

Filip Kilián   28'   Czech rep.