The lost 16mm films from old man Pešiš

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The lost 16mm films from old man Pešiš

Thirty years ago, Petr Nemecek (born 1937) was still an active creator and together with his spouse Jarmila, they created a humble, but exceptional collection of 16mm films with a humanist and anti-militarist drive. Our compilation presents all the films that survived, unfortunately it’s only six of them and not the original 16mm copies, only converted DVDs.

A feature on Nemecek, published in Amateur Film and Video magazine (1/1990), adds that he also worked as a cameraman and sound engineer, head of the club of Engineering Plant Prerov, or collaborator of Young Camera in Unicov. Petr Nemecek is a filmmaker with an exceptional emphasis on the lyrical dailiness.



Players / Hráči

Petr Němeček   6' 17''   ČSSR


Proclamation to the Motherland / Vyznání rodné zemi

Petr Němeček   9' 2''   ČSSR


Under the Sign of Neptune / Ve znamení Neptuna

Jarmila Němečková   8'   ČSSR


Spider / Pavouk

Petr and Jarmila Němeček   6'   ČSSR


The Message of Drawing / Poselství kresby

Jarmila Němečková   10'   ČSSR


Man with a Paillard / Muž s pailardem

Ing. Jiří Kafka and Petr Němeček   9'   ČSSR