Live healthier: sequence of short films from the 40s and 50s

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Live healthier: sequence of short films from the 40s and 50s

As an era, the post-war period brought amongst other things corporate demand for healthier lifestyle. In an effort to foster a brand new human, health protection — especially in the sense of work security, healthy eating, hygiene, sports and relaxation — held great significance. In 40s and 50s Czechoslovakia Ministry of Health was the main authority on the conception and propagation of healthy lifestyle. From their initiative and in collaboration with them many films were created that dealt with suitable meal plans, the advantages of common eating, great examples of proper dining, the problems of alcoholism, or the importance of sports and exercising.

Coversation on the Train — Czechoslovakia, 1947, 13 min
directed by: Miloš Wasserbauer, director of photography: Josef Búžek

Eat Together — Work Together
— Czechoslovakia, 1947, 12 min
directed by: Rudolf Odžálek, director of photography: Bedřich Jurda

People and Sausages
— Czechoslovakia, 1948, 12 min
directed by: Pavel Blumenfeld, director of photography: Míla Vích

One Glass Too Much
— Czechoslovakia, 1953, 20 min
directed by: Břetislav Pojar, design: Jiří Trnka

Only 15 Minutes
— Czechoslovakia, 1956, 15 min
directed by: Oldřich Mirad

Compiled by National Film Archive