Don't believe me just watch - Asian action films

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Don't believe me just watch - Asian action films

That’s the way it is. The fight is also in Asia. Sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively, spiritually, or almost reminding of a ballet. Here we have an unsettling short Vesuvius, created by an established Filipino director Erik Matti. After engaging in playful games in the forest, a Taiwanese creator Eden Chan decided to find out what happens, when he offers Two Peaches to three warriors. A Korean sci-fi and fantasy master Kim Geon fights against a monster in the docks in his Special Agent. Hadas Ben Aroya from Israel tells us a bit about growing up in Sex Doll and the same topic is alluded to in Bhutanese Dechen Roder’s 3 Years, 3 Months Retreat. Dance aspects of kung fu are covered in Oh! A Million Dollar Fist! made by Hung Cho and the dangers of sex with men using dangerous nicknames, right before action are highlighted in Tomohiko Iwasaki’s Crying Free Sex.

Thanks: Martin Kaňuch, Sonali Joshi, Nikki Loke and, Panos Kotzathanasis, Bastian Meiresonne, Loïc Valceschini

Compiled by Kristina Aschenbrennerová


2018 Vesuvius

Vesuvius / Vesuvius

Erik Matti   15' 47''   Philippines

2018 Cestazaosvicenim

3 Years 3 Months Retreat / Lo-Sum-Choe-Sum

Dechen Roder   20'   Bhútán


Sex Doll / Sex Doll

Hadas Ben Aroya   18' 3''   Israel

2018 Milionovapest

Oh! A Million Dollar Fist! / 噢!百萬拳!

Hugh Cho   7'   Hongkong

2018 Two Peaches For Three Warriors

Two Peaches for Three Warriors / Peaches èr taó shā sān shì

Eden Chan   3' 34''   Taiwan


Special Agent / Special Agent

Kim Geon, Choi Seul Ki, Kim Jae Gwang, Andy Yoon   18'   South Korea

2018 Cryingfreesex

Crying Free Sex / Crying Free Sex

Tomohiko Iwasaki   15' 11''   Japan