Feinkost – Czech and German Shorts

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Feinkost – Czech and German Shorts

This year’s edition of Feinkošt reaps the rewards of the diverse work of a new documentary generation. Each of these films by young authors deals with poignant themes of our society. From modern technologies and German industry and Czech agriculture, purely personal tropes of memory loss and transition to the eternally relevant political tropes of institutional childcare and cohabitation with migrants. The collection also includes films that have already been awarded at international festivals. You can look forward to some real film treats!

Only with Czech and German subtitles (NOT EN friendly)

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Forget Me Not Stills 1034335

Forget Me Not / Kdo se se mnou zatočí

Adela Křižovenská   7'  

Eadem cutis online2

Eadem cutis: The same skin / Eadem cutis: Dieselbe haut

Nina Hopf   5'   Německo


S P A C E S / M E Z E R Y

Nora Štrbová   7' 53''   Czech rep.

Apparatgeist 01

Apparatgeist / Apparatgeist

Marie-Magdalena Kochová   11'   Česká republika


The Navigatour / Die Navigatour

Carsten Knoop, Dorit Kiesewetter   3'   Německo

Hnuj vezdejsi

Daily Manure / Hnůj vezdejší

Nikola Krutilová   24'   Česká republika


Ablaze / Brand

Alexander Lahl, Jan Koester   5'   Německo

Schichteln Still 3

Keep shiftin' / Schichteln

Verena Wagner   21'   Německo