Josef Dabernig — Brno, Vienna and family

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Josef Dabernig — Brno, Vienna and family

Josef Dabernig graduated from sculpting at the Academy of Fine Art in Vienna in 1981. He encountered filmmaking relatively late, in 1996. It is possible, that because of this, however, he did not arrive at the scene of short film as filmmaker only, but as a well-rounded artist, who used his sculpting and architectonic skills in photography and text. He still works in Vienna, which is only a stone’s throw away from Brno. Because of this his films often take place around Brno, e.g. in Adamov or Dolní Kounice. He also makes his films with his family and a close circle of friends, which he depicts with both naturalistic strictness and love.


Aquarena / Aquarena

Josef Dabernig   19'   Czech rep.

Hotel Roccalba Josef Dabernig foto archiv autora

Hotel Roccalba / Hotel Roccalba

Josef Dabernig   10'   Czech rep.

Herna Josef Dabernig foto archiv autora

Casino / Herna

Josef Dabernig   17'   Czech rep.

River Plate / River Plate

Josef Dabernig   16'   Czech rep.

Rosa coeli / Rosa coeli

Josef Dabernig   24'   Czech rep.