Oscar-nominated Shorts – Animated

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Oscar-nominated Shorts – Animated

The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, are the most prestigious form of award a filmmaker can achieve. They are especially important for authors of short films as they can represent a stepping stone to the world of features. In 2020 ten shorts in total competed in two categories, including the Czech animated film Daughter by Daria Kacheeva. Although she didn’t win the award, even the nomination itself was a great success. Hair Love and The Neighbors’ Window became the winners. Two blocks focused on animated and live-action films will introduce both Oscar winners and nominees.

This program was prepared in cooperation with iShorts and FAMU.


Oscar maestro

Maestro /

iLLOG!C   2'   France

Oscar henrietta

Henrietta Bulkowski /

Rachel Johnson   16'   USA

Oscar hors

Hors Piste /

Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Malet   7'   France

Oscar the bird

The Bird & The Whale /

Carol Freeman   7'   Ireland

Oscar kitbull

Kitbull /

Rosana Sullivan   9'   USA

Oscar memorable

Memorable /

Bruno Collet   12'   France

Oscar sister animated

Sister /

Siqi Song   8'   China

Oscar hairlove

Hair Love (an Oscar winner) /

Matthew A. Cherry, Everett Downing Jr., Bruce W. Smith   7'   USA

Oscar dcera

Daughter /

Daria Kashcheeva   15'   Czech rep.