#thisyearinmarienbad — Marienbad International Film Festival retrospective

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#thisyearinmarienbad — Marienbad International Film Festival retrospective

International festival in Karlovy Vary was born in Marianské Lázně, among deers, rows of columns, and cold and hot springs. In the west, at the bottom of the forest of Slavkov, on the main railway line from Cheb to Košice. For the second time, Marienbad Film Festival brings film back to the tranquility of spa which is normally occupied by spa orchestras, backpipe groups, and fountain, and it focuses on experimental film. This year’s Czech competition welcomed 15 competition films and we’ll show you four of them.


2017Traces Fragments Roots

Traces, fragments, roots / Stopy, střepy, kořeny

Květa Přibylová   25'   Czech rep.


Prague! / Praha!

Matyáš Trnka   12'   Czech rep.

02 epistemolog 2

Shattered Epistemologist / Rozštěpený epistemolog

Jiří Žák   18'   Czech rep.

01 Prinz Aberjaja Paula

Prinz Aberjaja / Prinz Aberjaja

Anatol Vitouch, Ondřej Cikán   10'   Czech rep.