Fashion trends 1958—1987

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Fashion trends 1958—1987

After the revolution of 1948 social etiquette and related standards of behaviour turned into a bourgeois relic. There was no place for social differentiation or dressing up in the "new world". The vanishing old world was represented by male suits, ties, and tophats. The “new man” dressed in loose-fitting clothes, coveralls, wore scarves and berets, and addressed each other “comrade”. In the middle of the 50s within the scope of regression (and exhaustion) from the dogmatic politicization the attention shifted to the business resort, services, and products. In film studios intended for popular science and education films short promo sequences were being made to order for the extended night sales — homemade goods, detergents, cosmetics, pedicure and footwear, books, children’s clothing and toys… These short ads were made in a spirit of a fun and humorous look at bad habits and shortcomings, using simple tricks and animation, propagating brands and the quality of local products.

Children’s Fashion
Fashion show of children’s clothing.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Pavel Čalovka, 1958, 5 min

Within Fashion Lines

Advertising film promoting new fashion lines.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Kazimír Barlík, 1961, 9 min

Fashion and Health

Health-enlightening film about the health hazards of inappropriate clothing choices.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Pavel Miškuv, 1963, 8 min

Dressy Girl

Documentary about the influence of children’s clothing on character development.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Viera Polakovičová, 1965, 18 min

Tasteful Clothing of the Youth

Educational film explaining the functions of clothing. It focuses on the question of good taste and bad taste when young people get dressed.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Štefan Kamenický, 1975, 12 min

Youth's Fashion
Film dedicated to the fashion of the youth and the issues of current fashion. Its main characters are the photographer Karol Kállay and fashion designer Milan Čorba.
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Peter Hledík, 1977, 9 min

Fashion Designers

Documentary film feuilleton is focusing on some of the causes of the lack of fashion textiles in our shops
Czechoslovakia, directed by: Peter Záchenský, 1987, 16 min