Hungary 2011

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Hungary 2011

Hungarian cinematography, along with the whole cultural scene, hasn't had it easy since 2010. The Right Wing government of the Fidesz party lead by Viktor Orbán has put stop to the organic development of culture on all levels replaced it with pure nationalism. And as it usually happens, artists started to revolt... Amongst them the legendary Béla Tarr, who (as a producer) put together 11 Hungarian filmmakers, from young generation to such big names as Mikloś Jancsó. The result is eleven short film etudes, from meditative and socially focused, to really provocative ones - and they altogether create one unique artistic expression and simultaneously a political manifesto. All the authos behind the creation of Hungary 2011 have collaborated on this work without any demand on reward and used the cheapest technology possible. Simply put, professional punk! Bonus for the end: We will introduce this film at this year's Brno Sixteen in its Czech premiere.



Hungary 2011 / Magyarország 2011

Benedek Fliegauf, Péter Forgács, Miklós Jancsó, András Jeles, Ágnes Kocsis, Márta Mészáros, György Pálfi, András Salamon, Ferenc Török   75'   Hungary