Náš očistec

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13. 10.


19:00 - 20:00

Náš očistec

Czech only.

This collective film, cinematographic performance, and essentially homage to the poet and priest Jakub Deml, tries to make topical the experience of individual creators of the encounter with his texts from the collection “My Purgatory”. It oscillates between spontaneous – not to say brutal – film and conceptual performance. In the form of a triptych, “heretic mass” is about four mutually comingling parts in colour (Seclusion, Pilgrimage, Home, Graveyard), which thematize and define the world of typical Demlovian motives. The fifth part – done in high contrast of black and white – is a reaction to the illusion of colourful light, a voice from beyond, which frames the eternally absurd human struggle for immortality. Live screening from 3 16mm projectors.

Realization: Martin Ježek, Hedvika Hansalová, Robert Piotrowicz, Viola Ježková, Lenka Kerdová, Jan Daňhel, Jakub Halousek, Martin Klapper

(3x 16mm, 67 min., col/bw, 2021)