Narrative video: Closer to the Story

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Café Praha v Brně

18:30 - 19:40

Narrative video: Closer to the Story

Adéla Babanová (*1980)

A typical artistic expression of Adéla Babanová, alumni of AVU, Studio of New Media I., are gallery films. She represents the connection between worlds of film and art, that creates art of moving pictures not connected to cinema. Babanová focuses on experimental film and video. She created a mystifying trilogy about a fictional artist Eva Weber and using her character, she managed to reflect the position of the female artist in the industry. Her second line of work is based on films on the edge of authentic historical reenactments and manipulation with archive materials, thus rewriting the original story. Babanová presents her work in various Czech and foreign galleries, but also at film festivals and in traditional cinemas. Since 2006 she has been working with her brother, a screenwriter and composer Gian Baban. Her work is included in French national collection FRAC - Basse Normandie and the collection of Prague City Gallery.

total: 64’

This event is in cooperation with the Moravian Gallery in Brno, Department of Audiovisual Technologies of Brno University of Technology and is a part of the course Panel of Professionals of Theory of Interactive Media at the Department of Music of Masaryk University Faculty of Arts.

Compiled by Pavlína Míčová, teacher of Theory of Interactive Media.

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Neptune / Neptun

Adéla Babanová   38'   Czech rep. Germany

2018Navrat Do Adriaportu

Return to Adriaport / Návrat do Adriaportu

Adéla Babanová   14'   Czech rep.

2018Odkud Spadla Letuska

Where Did the Stewardess Fall From? / Odkud spadla letuška?

Adéla Babanová   12'   Czech rep.