Nejen sportovní souboje

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13. 10.

Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum MG

14:30 - 15:30

Nejen sportovní souboje

Watching different teams trying to win on television, while listening to the essential commentary of sport commentators is one of the most attractive and popular pastimes. However, the passion and the unique atmosphere of events can often be better portrayed in film documents, that have the opportunity to show not only exceptional sport performances, but also the environment, people, mood, and emotions. Without the sport commentary they become poems in the film.

Films digitally restored by Slovak Film Institute.

director Milan Černák,
film editor Margita Černáková


2018Hokej  69

Hockey of ‘69 / Hokej '69

Milan Černák   14'   Czechoslovakia

2018Trofej Z  Bazileje

Trophy from Basel / Trofej z Basileje

Mikuláš Fodor, Oskár Šághy   10'   Czechoslovakia

2018Majstrovstva Sveta

Championship / Mistrovství světa

Milan Černák   40'   Czechoslovakia