Recent Hungarian Shorts

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Recent Hungarian Shorts

In the past few years film has become one of the strongest format of the Hungarian film culture. Regardless of financial difficulties or any other barriers young Hungarian talents always find the way to express themselves. And the results are very well received in the world of film festivals. The selected shorts are made with strong artistic concepts (the best example for that is the animation Symphony No. 42, which was selected for the Berlinale Shorts and Sundance) and/or with the intention to tell something relevant and true about today's Hungary in a serious yet entertaining way (Expedition, Places.) Or about yesterday's Hungary, like Ischler, the minimalistic WW2 drama does. Last but not least we want to show pure entertainment too. Rough Cut has won several audience awards all around the world. It is not a coincidence, since the film is a well-made black comedy combining many genre elements, reminding us of some 90's cult film hits.


Symphony no 42 il rapporto tra uomo e natura secondo Reka Bucsi Collater al 2

Symphony Nr. 42 / Symphony Nr. 42

Réka Bucsi   10'   Hungary


Places / Terek

Bálint Erkel   23'   Hungary

The Expedition

Expedition / Az expedício

Márton Szirmai   11'   Hungary


Ischler / Ischler

Attila Hartung   14'   Hungary


Rough Cut / Csúszópénz

István Kovács   14'   Hungary