The Small (but not small) Romanian New Wave

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The Small (but not small) Romanian New Wave

In 1996, when the dean of the Theatre and Film Academy in Bucharest opened the CineMAiubit International Student Film Festival in Bucharest, this school was the most prolific producer of films in Romania. The “official” film industry was only producing one or two (at most three) features a year (and with quality steadily dropping). Meanwhile, unique short films – representing about 6 feature films in total length – were enchanting audiences with their imaginative freshness. The short student films of the second half of the 1990s ushered in what would later be hailed as the Romanian New Wave: Cristian Mungiu, Cristi Puiu and Radu Muntean were among the students of the academy at that time.

The idea of the B16 to organize a retrospective of Romanian shorts was very inspiring for us. During the selection process, we did not limit our focus to films which had international film festival success around the cusp of the millennium. We also looked for the ability of Romanian filmmakers to create a “big” world in a “small” film, proving that artistic quality does not depend on the length of a film. The Romanian shorts represent a kind of small new wave, which we dare to call “small” only because they are not features – that is why Small has to be with a capital S.

Dan Mircea Duţă
Director of the Romanian Institute of Culture


Colivia 1

The Cage / Colivia

Adrian Sitaru   17'   Romania Netherlands

Bukurest wien

Bucuresti-Wien, 8-15 / Bucuresti-Wien, 8-15

Cãtãlin Mitulescu   13'   Romania

The Hand of Paulista

The Hand of Paulista / Mâna lui Paulista

Cristian Mungiu   15'   Romania


Fragile / Fragile

Doru Nitescu   8'   Romania

Calatorie Corneliu Porumboiu

A Trip to the City / Călătorie la oraș

Corneliu Porumboiu   19'   Romania


Free Fall / Cădere liberă

Dorin Stana   10'   Romania


Traffic / Trafic

Cãtãlin Mitulescu   15'   Romania


Cigarettes And Coffee / Un cartus de Kent si un pachet de cafea

Cristi Puiu   17'   Romania


Stuck on Christmas / Captivi de Crăciun

Iulia Rugină   37'   Romania


C Block Story / Poveste la scara C

Cristian Nemescu   14'   Romania

Humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Aid / Ajutoare umanitare

Hanno Höfer   17'   Romania


Invitation to Dinner / Invitatie la masa

Gabriel Sirbu   13'   Romania


17 Minutes Late / 17 minute intarziere

Cătălin Mitulescu   10'   Romania


The Apartment / Apartamentul

Constantin Popescu   20'   Romania