Looking Back at Last Year's BRNO 16 (retrospective)

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Looking Back at Last Year's BRNO 16 (retrospective)

We will glimse back at "the best" of last year's 53rd BRNO 16. The audience will be abe to refrest their memory of the winning film Opowiesci z chlodni (Freezer Tales), dir. by Grzegorz Jaroszuk which tells the story of a couple of the worst employees in one supermarket. This film's humour is indeed "chilling" and it is a display of the fact that Polish film is definitely not decaying, but the opposite. Screening of the film Birdboy takes into account the presence of authors who submitted film into this year's contest as well, and the French film Sascha the Bear is an unexpected confrontation between Goldilocks, the huntsman, and a bear in a forest – it's a love story, of course. Last year's Guniek Groven's highli praised Sanctuary also takes place in a middle of the woods. And last but not least we have a Spanish film Alba by Isak Ferriz and German trifle Nazi Goreng.



Alba / Alba

Isak Ferriz   19'   Spain


Frozen Stories / Opowiesci z chladni

Grzegorz Jaroszuk   25'   Poland

Birdboy frame 05

Birdboy / Birdboy

Alberto Vázquez Pedro Rivero   13'   Spain

6 Sacha the Bear The Game Lise Werkmeister

Sacha the Bear / Sacha l'ours

Desaunay Henri   12'   France

Sanctuary 1

Sanctuary / Sanctuary

Gunleik Groven, Tuva Hennum   10'   Norway

Nazi Goreng 1

Nazi Goreng / Nazi Goreng

Nathan Nill   7'   Germany