Echoes and responses by Vinko Rozman

In programme

12. 10.

Small Hall, Kino Art

21:15 - 22:15

Echoes and responses by Vinko Rozman

Vinko Rozman, with his extremely diverse oeuvre and distinct authorial poetics, is today considered one of the most penetrating and iconic names in Slovenian avant-garde film. Between 1963 and 1971, under the auspices of Kino Klub Ljubljana, he made more than twenty short films, ranging from socio-political considerations, through sports films or purely formalistic experiments, to intimate and loving film poems.

Along with the screening of films that are today part of the special collections of the Slovenian Cinematheque, we will also present digitized and restored versions of the films Echo and Response, Prague Spring, and (premiere!) Torso, the rest of the short films will be screened with an 8mm projector.