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12. 10.

Uměleckoprůmyslové muzeum MG

21:00 - 22:30


Programme of the Austrian agency sixpackfilm compiled by: Gerald Weber

Cinema as an act of force, als Kraftakt, physical exhaustion as a visual experience.

“Male cinema”: war and rituals of masculinity, struggle on its own and with the body, but also against equipment and the projector. “Female cinema”: birth and physical metamorphosis, one’s own body as a place of pain, talks and anti-talks. Everyone together, or each on their own, depending on the taste, we are all predictable in the context of society. Life is a never ending struggle that always has to be redefined. A seemingly nonsensical solution as a sarcastic commentary awaits at the end.

total: 82’


2018 Instructions

Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine / Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine

Peter Tscherkassky   17'   Austria

Sixpack Uncannyvalley 2

Uncanny Valley / Uncanny Valley

Paul Wenninger   13'   Austria

Sixpack Schattenboxer Shadowboxer 5 300Dpi

Shadow Boxer / Schattenboxer

Jannis Lenz   18'   Austria

Sixpack Kuruk

The Kurukshetra-Report / The Kurukshetra-Report

Ascan Breuer   8'   Austria

Sixpack Nabelfabel

NabelFabel / NabelFabel

Mara Mattuschka   4'   Rakousko

2018 Bstar

b-star, unkillable! / b-star, untötbar!

Sabine Marte   7'   Austria

Sixpack Tangled Press

Tangled / Tangled

Pille-Riin Jaik   6'   Austria

Sixpack Brehm Alarm

Alarm / Alarm

Dietmar Brehm   1'   Austria