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Elaborated images

This block of films offers working with already existing film material in various forms. The key work of Czech video art by Filip Cenek deconstructs several minutes from the film Atentate (dir. Jiff Seguens,1964), to show all the possibilities of how to read image in its final fragments. The winning work of the Jindřích Chalupecký Award from 2014 — The Lost Case by intermedia artist Roman Štětina was developed by editing the legendary TV show Columbo (1968—2003). The amateur work of a local endemit and the representative of art brut Andrej Danóczi often works with material which the author (and also the life in a small town) has at his fingertips — banal images from TV entertainment or everyday street life. In Danóczi’s film Surprise the main character is the sound element developed “blindly” by the principle of chance. A short video by Sara Oos, a representative of the YouTube generation who won at the festival Ars Electronica with material that she downloaded from the internet and then professionally edited, will be presented at the close.

The Lost Case — Czech republic, 2014, 58 min, author: Roman Štětina

After the Atentate (3 Fragments) — Czech republic, 1998, 6 min, author: Filip Cenek

Surprise — Slovakia, 2015, 21 min, author: Andrej Danóczi

Femme Chanel - Emma Fenchel — Austria, 2015, 58 min, author: Sarah Oos