Roman Skalický: Tameless Film Element

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Roman Skalický: Tameless Film Element

Roman Skalicky belongs to the distinctive (although today neglected) personalities of Czech amateur film. An individuality who has actively made films in the space of 60s and 80s. He was also a member of the Brno 16 staff in terms of technical support. He didn't just operate in the organizational section, though, some of his short films organizational section, though, some of his short films succeeded in the contest (in 1967 his film Fuga 43 took the bronze, his film Tma obtained a testimonial in 1968, and his film Amoroso took the silver in 1970 and was one of the most unforgettable experiences, not just aesthetically, but also for its emphasis on erotica).

Skalický’s extensive filmography contains around forty short films and also historical films, which were very ambitious production-wise. He did turn to imitation in the evocation of history, but rather aimed straight on and brutally for its mythological dimension. Skalický focused on ideas, acts and action contrary to other independent filmmakers.

Amoroso J'Taime — Czechoslovakia, 1947, 5 min

Biographica — Czechoslovakia, 1947, 6 min

White Cloud — Czechoslovakia, 1971, 8 min

Humana I-Kyrie Eleison — Czechoslovakia, 1972, 9 mi

Joan of Arc — Czechoslovakia, 1986, 16 min

Dark — Czechoslovakia, 1968, 8 min