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Today viewer's seminar

Media education, creating propaganda and the consumption of media today

Has the television audience changed with the onset of Internet and personal computers? Has the way in which we watch films and television series changed, or have the actual films and TV programs changed? Is the television set starting to disappear from our living rooms? Is television being replaced by the downloading of TV series, Facebook and Youtube? Or is it just that the role of television is changing? If so, how? The conclusions of current foreign and national research suggest that the media public is undergoing a relatively interesting transformation. In the end, the same is evident from our personal experience. Jakub Macek's lecture, which at the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University concerns just these issues of new media, will attempt to summarize the results of the research on the transformation of the media public.

Jakub Macek

teaches at Masaryk University. As a writer and researcher he focuses on the study of new media, technology, media sub-culture and cultural jouralism in this area. Currently he lectures on digital media, cyber-culture, social theory of new media and hypermedia at the Faculty of Social Studies and the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University as well as sociology at the Technical University of Ostrava. As a journalist he writes film reviews, conducts interviews and works as editor of the film section for the cultural weekly Metropolislive and for the peer-reviewed professional quarterly Media Studies.