SMOLDER: opening and artist presentation

In programme

13. 10.

Small Hall, Kino Art

17:15 - 17:45

SMOLDER: opening and artist presentation

The exhibition takes place during the BRNO16 festival.

The presentation will be held in Czech. If you are interested, the short comment in English will be possible.

Martin Lacko represents a unique phenomenon within the emerging artistic generation. Uncompromisingly direct links, even fascination, with the fantasy genre, the aesthetics of video games or fashion photography, would until recently be a no-go zone in the space of "high" art. However, together with Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings, we must state that the world is changing and with it contemporary art. Martin's work shows a turn observable on both the global and domestic art scene. The starting point of a recent graduate of Vladimír Skrepl's painting studio at the Academy of Fine Arts is in digital illustration when he already drew attention to himself during his studies with his style based on a drawing by mouse in retro MS Paint program. But here the form blends with its intense content. Digital pop culture with the medieval tapestry. Grimes with ancient myth. Eros and Thanatos, like glowing embers, smoulder from the lower layers of Martin's expressive paintings. There is no escape from the gaze of the victorious Medusa.

Martin Lacko's work is multifaceted. In addition to digital drawing, classical painting and illustration (including art comics), he also deals with digital 3D modelling, animation, or programming. He has exhibited in the Czech Republic and abroad and is one of the recently sought-after illustrators (including works for Vogue and VICE, among others).

The exhibition SMOLDER is project of Galerie Art and is a part of the accompanying program of the BRNO16 festival. The project was created with the financial support of the statutory city of Brno, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the State Fund of Culture of the Czech Republic and FaVU VUT.