Terra incognita. Block of short films from the National Film Archive

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Small Hall, Kino Art

17:00 - 18:10

Terra incognita. Block of short films from the National Film Archive

Selected short films are from the time period between 1950s and 1980s, and are created by accomplished professional and amateur Czechoslovak filmmakers: František Vláčil, Evald Schorm, Elo Havetta, Jan Špáta, and Vladimír Kunc.

This block’s variety is defined by different formal approaches towards the author’s subject of interest and it includes genres such as film report, essay, a veristic recording of reality, staged documentary, and free experimentation with sound and visuals. The content of each film is different, but also tied to the central topic - in the middle of nowhere - in a unique way.

The films serve as an insight into the lives of modern day “Robinson Crusoes”, genuinely free men and women acting bravely, who were shipwrecked and got stuck “in the middle of nowhere”. Or they allow the viewers to enter unique time-space continuums, seemingly created “out of nothing”, woven out of subjective feelings, and superficial non-attractive sights of everyday life and its fragments, that receive a new deeper meaning thanks to a fresh angle, and unique film adaptation.

The block was curated by Jan Trnka and Jiří Horníček from the National Film Archive.

Introduction: Jan Trnka (National film archive)


2018 Posadka Na Stite

The Crew on the Peak / Posádka na štítě

František Vláčil   11'   Czechoslovakia

Žít svůj život 1

To Live One's Own Life / Žít svůj život

Evald Schorm   13'   Československo

34 dnů absolutního klidu

34 Days of Absolute Calm / 34 dnů absolutního klidu

Elo Havetta   18'   Czechoslovakia

Respice finem 2

Respice finem / Respice finem

Jan Špáta   15'   Československo

Neděle - všední den / Neděle - všední den

Vladimír Kunc   6'   Czechoslovakia

Expecting Time / Očekávání času

Vladimír Kunc   7'   Československo