Art makes us stronger — Identity and trauma

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Art makes us stronger — Identity and trauma

It’s an interesting phenomenon in filmart to observe how female artists often use the medium as a catalyst to deal with very intimate or private issues, whereas men prefer general political questions or topics for strengthening a certain position or opposition.

Based on this, the program opens up with Robert Cambrinu's sophisticated media-analysis in times of permanent availability of images of all kind for any kind of evidence.

Shifting from an apparently solid position to insecure grounds, the works of Kurdwin Ayub, Mirjam Bajtala and Gabriele Mathes – mixing fiction and documentary, irony, performance and family constellation – lead to some personal or global traumas.

Animation is the perfect medium to abstract intimate feelings into images, like Johanna Freise (in cooperation with Daniel Suljic) and Gudrun Krebitz show it in their contributions. Last but not least, Thomas Renoldner’s selfie-diary of his illness blows up the tiny border between private and public issues making oneself stronger in crucial moments in life.

Programme prepared by: Gerald Weber — sixpackfilms



I can’t cry out much louder than this / I can’t cry out much louder than this

Robert Cambrinus   11'   Austria United Kingdom


Summer Holidays / Sommerurlaub

Kurdwin Ayub   3'   Austria Iraq

Kurzes leben 034 kosa 204

Short Life / Kurzes Leben

Johanna Freise, Daniel Suljic   9'   Austria Germany


Fuck The Cancer! / Fuck The Cancer!

Thomas Renoldner   12'   Austria

SOFERN REAL karte presse1

So Far Real / So Far Real

Mirjam Bajtala   30'   Austria

Dobermann 06 large

Feeling Doberman / Gefühl Dobermann

Gabriele Mathes   16'   Austria


Shut-Up Moon / Shut-Up Moon

Gudrun Krebitz   4'   Austria United Kingdom