Out of Everything - Slovak Selection

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16. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

16:45 - 18:00

Out of Everything - Slovak Selection

Czech only.

Films in this programme represent different type and genre localisations of selected central positions here-nowhere. They are fragments of more or less happy revelations of a person in the middle of nowhere (ABCD). Sometimes they spent time in a place called Hell (Hr. Hell). Another time the person comes to the centre of nowhere, voluntarily and consciously in a unique line of escape, antisocial, that doesn’t let them or their family become normalized or controlled (Three Tons of Happiness). Similarly, a lost place becomes an unintentional, but happy exile (The people on the water), or a place to discover the land of memory and fragility of life (Swimming). Luckily, every middle of nowhere is opened and enclosed only by the film frame (In Line, Pingvin).


Pingvin (Vladimír Popovič – Veronika Margótsyová, 1964, 4 min., anim.)

ABCD (Pavol Sýkora, 1969, 16 min.)

Hr Peklo (Vlado Kubenko, 1967, 13 min)

The people on the water (Martin Hollý, 1958, 15 min.)

Three Tons of Happiness (Vlado Balco, 1979, 13 min.)

Swimming (Martin Repka, 1997, 4 min.)

In Line (Kamila Kučíková, 2014, 4 min., anim.)