Welcome to Czechia

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Welcome to Czechia

This block of short feature films by three promising directors doesn’t only offer films with two-dimensional topics. In fact, it offers perspectives on the Czech weak spots, character traits, and emotions that we don’t want to but need to see. It can be said that it therefore helps identify Czech identity using a different style. The Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon takes the audience to beaches full of full fat bellies, over-fried food, and beer in plastic cups. The Opponent brings us almost uncomfortably close to one sneaky addiction – gaming. And Border highlights the line of inner integrity in people who are supposed to protect not only our borders but also our principles.

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Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon / Anatomie českého odpoledne

Adam Martinec   22'   Česká republika

Protihrac stills 02 300dpi

Opponent / Protihráč

Ondřej Erban   17'   Česká republika

FRONTIER still 2

Frontier / Hranice

Damián Vondrášek   28'   Česká republika