EXHIBITION: Iveta Stehlíková - Techplantae

In programme

EXHIBITION: Iveta Stehlíková - Techplantae

* virtual exhibition

* real exhibition – show-case on the left side of the cinema building

Leaves, cells, stems, spirals, calyxes, wings, veins. Nobody remembers what’s what any longer. This may have belonged to a tapeworm and this to a fly. They are one now, one body – or, rather, meta-body. The future belongs to hybrids and monsters. Is this a scheme or a real image of the future? And is vivid colour a part of life? Coral polyps right before they disperse their dinoflagellates. In their new existence they gained new recursive skills and now they can become a part of anything and everything. New shapes formed from our past bend all that can be seen and finally bring us peace we can observe through the glass as if it were a filter. And also a second, non-static look.

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