Carp for the Wehrmacht

Original title

Kapři pro Wehrmacht








Karel Smyczek

The story takes place in the period of German occupation. A local policeman brings a news to Leo Popper about a recent prohibition for Jewish population. A fish pond his family owned for several generations has been confiscated by Nazis. Popper considers the unknown men, who drive at this house, to be a Jewish religous community delegation coming to require the contributions the family Popper had owed. However; they appeal to be Gestapo officers, who administer a remorseless house search. They steal his rod and go fishing to the pond teeming with fish. In this shortly before Christmas and the police officer brings an other news, but this time i tis a more tragic one: Leo is ordered to come to report for the transportation to a concentration camp. The very last day before his departure it is freezing hard, and Leo with his young son Otto go to the pond to make a hole in the ice, so that the carps does not suffocate. The fish gather at the hole and father and son take it all out by a fishing net. His beloved wife and son wil have something to buy food for. Leo leaves home walking through a snow-covered scene. German officers later organize a festive fishing out. There is much drinking, photographing and having fun, but they only catch a single little fish. Czech brass band plays the song „No corn to grind“ to finish the party.

In programme

FAMU Prague film academy of the 1960s

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