Rekonstrukce č.1 - č.4

Original title

Rekonstrukce č.1 - č.4


Czech rep.






Daniel Nováček

The central motif of the video series Reconstruction is the search for happiness in a mechanized, protocol and algorithm-driven world. The reconstruction of the author's experiences, together with the experiences of his close surroundings, form the basis for broader political and social themes that are characteristic of the author's generation.

The relevance of personal ownership in a world of economic inequality, contemporary forms of love defined by the pharmacological perception of one's own body, environmental activism and its traumatic effects on private life, or the disillusioned view of the relevance of life choices as causal agents of happiness are central themes that permeate this generational account.

In programme

Reconstruction no.1 – no.4

14. 10.

Kino CIT, Radnická 4

18:00 - 19:30

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