Thirteen Minutes

Original title

Třináct minut








Petr Ruttner

Two students provoke each other in a pub and one of them, Radek, suddenly finds himself holding a pint in an outstretched hand and intends to stick out for thirteen minutes. His friend Franta measures time on his pocket watch. Mr Jarda and his very young girlfriend Olinka joins them at the table and comments on the "event." Jarda, in front of the admiring eyes of the girl, preaches to the two young men that there is no bet if no prize was set in advance. The girl's favour oscillates between the handsome Radek and her elderly boyfriend. Time passes and sweating Radek holds the glass up with the last dregs of his strength. The silly talk of his table-companions, however, irritates him and he intentionally gives up four seconds before the end. Franta understands, but the offended Jarda and Olinka immediately get up and leave.

In programme

FAMU Prague film academy of the 1960s

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