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Czech 16

Czech Republic is actually a small family space. We only have several film schools and most of our filmmakers know each other. And because Brno 16 indeed is a family festival (which we included in thename this year, logically), we decided, for the third time, to invite and support young Czech authors, watch their projects, and discuss them. Czech 16 originated from the need to present Czech works in their diversity – to play short films from various Czech film schools as well as amateur works. What will be shown will above be those films that somehow stick out from regular Czech production. Film The Fishermen comes from the Department of Animation at FAMU, First Snow is an animated film from Písek. The film Gin has been created as a part of a course at Faculty of Informatics of Masaryk University. And an alumnus of Brno’s JAMU made film dealing with a current topic – Voices. There is also be two horrors – When My Eyes Open and Dead Point.


The Fishermen / Rybáři

Bára Anna Stejskalová   10'   Czech rep.

First snow / První sníh

Lenka Ivančíková   13'   Czech rep.

Until My Eyes Are Opened Once More / Až se mé oči rozevřou

Robert Vrba   8'   Czech rep.

Death Point / Mrtvý bod

Adam Ošťádal   5'   Czech rep.

Gin / Gin

František Kovařík   4'   Czech rep.

Voices / Hlasy

Vojtěch Landa   11'   Czech rep.