For filmmakers


It is possible to subscribe to the competition BRNO16 2021 by registration and completing of the registration form in the film registration system and then by sending the film online until June 30.

When filling out the form you will be required to briefly state the film content in English and other promotional materials for the catalogue (stills, or. the shooting, user profile, or. photograph of the author.)

The results of the selection process will be published during September – on the website, via e-mail system and in our film registration program.


1. BRNO16 accepts short (1–30 min) non-commercial films. The competition welcomes amateurs, independent filmmakers, and film students. BRNO16 does not accept commercials and PR films. The selection jury has the last word in case of a dispute.

2. Submitted films should not be older than 3 years. BRNO16 does not accept the re-submission of films from past editions of BRNO16.

3. Foreign language films must be equipped with subtitles.

4. All films accepted into the competition grant its author (or their proxy) access to the festival with accommodation paid by the organiser. All travel expenses must be covered by the participant.

The competition will offer discussions about all films with all present authors. All participants of the competition will be able to attend these events free of charge.


1. All expenses related to the submission should be covered by the author. You can find the postal address for sending in your films at the end of this document.

2. We will treat all film media with utmost care, however we cannot offer any guarantees regarding loss or accidental damage.

3. The organisers reserve the right to make copies of selected films for archiving and PR purposes.

4. The organisers reserve the right to present short teasers from selected films in mass media as a part of the BRNO16 PR campaign and documentation of the festival itself.


Films accepted into the competition can be submitted in digital form, ideally in the following formats:

HD digital - codec H264 - mp4, mkv



Do not forget to include English subtitles, ideally in electronic form and already timed.


We prefer that you send your film online, using serves such as, and similar platforms.

On-line versions – please include a link (VIMEO/YouTube) during registration (incl. password).

In case of any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at:


All films submitted to the competition must go through the selection process.

* The Main Award – awarded by the international jury - financial reward: 750 EUR
* The Student Jury Award – awarded by the student jury - financial reward: 380 EUR
* The Czechoslovakian 16 Jury Award - awarded by the international jury - financial reward: 380 EUR
* The Audience Award - choosed by voting of visitors - financial reward: 380 EUR

The decisions of the selection committee and the international juries are final.