Bloody Asia

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Bloody Asia

Asian shorts too love to play with narration in ways, that might get our European head spinning in the best possible ways. They might deal with global problems, but as it happens, they do it in rather “personal“ way. Whether we talk about genre cinema, or we step more to the art house waters, they can be unpredictible even when you’ve been warned. They are touching, funny, scary, but above all, they are good.

Brno 16 will – also thanks to viddsee. com, Taiwanese Film Institute (namely Lisha Hsu), Bastian Meiresonne and Loïc Valceschini – welcome some cosplay action, zombies, end of the world (as we know it), or a peculiarly sinister car. All that to show what miracles body and mind are capable of: being strong, brave, but also hurt, damaged or transformed.

Programme prepared by: Kristína Aschenbrennerová



Trunk / Trunk

Kim Hyeoncheol   13'   South Korea

2016 Papapa

Pa pa pa / Pa pa pa

Eden Chan   2'   Taiwan


Bloody Dairy / Bloody Dairy

Min Liu   3'   Taiwan

Chainsaw Maid

Chainsaw Maid / Chainsaw Maid

Takena Nagao   7'   Japan

Himiko the godslayer

Himiko The Godslayer vs. The Daemon Legion of Azure Dragons / Himiko The Godslayer vs. The Daemon Legion of Azure Dragons

Hikaru Tsukuda   5'   Japan

Keep Going2

Neohlížej se / Keep Going

Kim Geon   20'   South Korea

2016Apocouple 6

Voice of Apocalypse /

Lu Ke   22'   China