Brno Projects

In programme

14. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

18:00 - 19:00

Brno Projects

Czech only.

A documentary, comedy series, stand-up, and also a feature-length live action movie are all currently in production in Brno, financially supported by the South Moravian Film Fund. Come to this unique tasting and see the samples before their official release. Each project will include a short presentation of the authors.



Vegani a jelita / Vegani a jelita

Jonáš Vacek Michal Isteník   22'   Česká republika

Absence main2

Absence / Absence

Radovan Kramář Roman Zmrzlý   10'   Czech rep.

Skeče 1920x1080

Skeče Tellera a Seriše / Skeče Tellera a Seriše

Jiří Fabík Luboš Ondráček   5'   Česká republika

IMG 8752

Bandité pro baladu / Bandité pro baladu

Vladimír Morávek   3'   Česká republika