Vegani a jelita

Original title

Vegani a jelita





A romantic mystery, comedy-horror sitcom from Brno.
This six-part theologically, dietetically and socially incorrect series was produced by the newly established Isteník–Uličník–Vacek creative workshop. The show’s six episodes depict strange events that will change the lives of several mutually unrelated people connected by a health food shop somewhere in Brno.

Our series takes place in a shop owned by Martin. Martin is a fugitive from his own life and ambitions and hates anything connected to his business environment. The only thing he knows is that it is necessary to take advantage of this market gap, while it’s still trendy, even though he would much rather own a car showroom with bikini babes. Martin is married. His marriage is an economical choice and he is completely under the rule (economical and general) of his wife Natálie and especially his father-in-law. He forgets his true self while trying to achieve his original goals and he is forced to act like a machist asshole as a defence against himself.

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Brno Projects

14. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

18:00 - 19:00

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