We Want to Die / Paterns

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We Want to Die / Paterns

We Want to Die, 2022, 35 min., 16mm

Directed by Jaroslav Tarnovski, Martin Ježek

Music by Jaroslav Tarnovski

A poetic story of a proletarian couple's relationship during the years of economic crisis and unemployment - of all E. F. Burian's film directorial efforts, his last film We Want to Live (1949) is probably the worst. The intention to create a powerful work of cinema that would combine modern means of expression with the ideological canons of socialist realism failed completely. Ježek and Tarnovsky discovered these "ruins" and tried to rebuild on them a structure out of the hopelessness and futility of life. Ježek photochemically transcribed selected passages with the greatest possible degree of humility towards the work of the great avant-gardist, Tarnovski similarly makes the soundtrack visible. The improvised meeting of sound and image in a dialogic mode can bring various misunderstandings resulting in an ambiguous compromise.

Paterns, 2022, 28 min., 60mm

Directed by Jan Kulka

Music by Ian Mikyska

Paterns are handmade art films created mainly by printing on a 60mm wide film base using a specially developed printing machine. The main aim of the film is to reveal the properties and cinematographic potential of regular shapes and geometric structures under various projection conditions. The birth and decay of the illusion of movement, depth of space and other perceptual phenomena. To glimpse chaos and order through a direct intense live sensory experience, emphasizing the uniqueness of the shared moment of live projection. To awaken these fundamental principles in the form of luminous images on the screen, and to let us experience how stable forms arise from chaotic fluttering, interfering, modulating, intermingling and transforming into various forms before disappearing again. To give a direct experience of chaos, disorder, arising, becoming, arranging and disintegrating.