Discussion Panel: Film Festivals in the Times of (Post)Covid (video)

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Discussion Panel: Film Festivals in the Times of (Post)Covid (video)

[Language: Czech only]

This fall was unfortunate for festivals. Although the beginning of summer gave us hope, obsessive following of the daily news soon began to prepare us for the eventuality of saying goodbye to our transatlantic guests, then our neighboring guests, and soon even our guests from Prague. We also had to kiss goodbye open tables, parties, and finally the audience. Each festival dealt with the situation differently, typically through compromises, but more often than not they managed to organize the event, if with fundamental changes in the format. And that’s not all, because it looks like the worst is yet to come. Tune in for a discussion about disappointment, hope, inventiveness, stress, passion, and hatred of ZOOM with representatives of various film festivals who did their best to provide you with quality entertainment even in the times of Covid.

We will discuss with:

Tereza Plavecká, ředitelka festivalu Bardzo fajný, co-organizer of the discussion panel
Kamila Zlatušková (Serial Killer festival founder)
Pavel Bicek (director of QFF Mezipatra)
Marek Hovorka (director of MFDF Ji.hlava)
Dan Petrucha (Jeden svět festival coordinator)

and Milan Šimánek, director of BRNO16
The livestream is hosted by Matúš Slamka.

Language: Czech only.

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