Gaming the System

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20. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

19:30 - 20:40

Gaming the System

“Gaming the system” is a term that describes a certain behaviour when the rules of a system are used to cheat, abuse or break it in order to achieve a desired result. There is a particular art form or genre in experimental cinema that fits this definition very well. It is the practice of making films in video games which is called machinima (machine + cinema + animation). It was born in an amateur community of avid players in the late 1990s and later evolved into a professional art form, but has always been a way of utilising and manipulating existing games. Whether to tell a story and have fun, or to crack the codes of digital worlds and reveal their nature, machinima-makers subvert the rules of the system. This programme of short moving image works aims to present various forms of playful artistic practice.


Brno16 2023 a woman on the internet or the eternal scream stills 0 2024002

A Woman on the Internet (or, The Eternal Scream) / A Woman on the Internet (or, The Eternal Scream)

Jamie Janković   23'   United Kingdom

Brno16 2023 how to disappear stills 0 2023999

How to Disappear / How to Disappear

Total Refusal   21'   Austria

Brno16 2023 why don t the cops fight each other stills 0 2024000

Why Don't the Cops Fight Each Other / Why Don't the Cops Fight Each Other

Grayson Earle   9'   USA

The Grannies / The Grannies

Marie Foulston   17'   United Kingdom Australia