Moravia, O Fair Land

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Moravia, O Fair Land

Film trilogy MORAVIA, O FAIR LAND is an experimental Slav epic whose authors depict the current character of the Moravian countryside and its traditions. Wine, Zombies, clerical fascists, and banging musical numbers will follow every viewer who watches this almost-documentary-but-basically-musical-horror of a classical scale.

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✾ Moravia, O Fair Land I: Co člověka potěší víc, než hezká písnička od srdce? ✾ /

Petr Šprincl   30'   Czech rep.


✽ Moravia, O Fair Land II: Zrození fašismu z ducha fašaňku ✽ /

Petr Šprincl   43'   Czech rep.


❁ Moravia, O Fair Land III : Genesis ❁ /

Petr Šprincl   65'   Czech rep.