Legendary silent films with live music

In programme

17. 10.

Studio Marta

20:00 - 20:52

Legendary silent films with live music

Film history in a nutshell, or three legendary short silent films you absolutely must see. It will be a long time before a single hour spent in a cinema will be so satisfying again.

Noisemaker and improviser Kryštof Pátra meets puredata magician David Pevný for almost the first time. They will watch films from behind computers while creating soundscapes and manipulating associatively chosen samples, which they will then partly destruct. This way they will combine old film classics with contemporary approaches to working with sound, link old visions with footage from historical events of the 20 th and 21 st centuries, and play with the narrative possibilities arising from the combination of sound and image.



A Trip to the Moon / Le Voyage dans la Lune

  13'   France

Meshes of

Meshes of the Afternoon / Meshes of the Afternoon

Maya Deren, Alexandr Hackenschmied   14'   USA


The Immigrant / The Immigrant

  20'   USA