Sands of the Microworld 2.0

In programme

13. 10.

Kino CIT, Radnická 4

18:00 - 20:00

Sands of the Microworld 2.0

Sands of the Microworld 2.0 – Screening with authors

Sands of the Microworld will be presented by a group of four authors: Petr Jambor, Jakub Roček, Jakub Němec, Michal Žilinský. Tomáš Moravanský, the author of the musical intervention, will also join the commentary. The lecture will include a chronological development of the Sands of the Microworld project with visual documentation, creative impulses, reference to modern technologies, a description of the technical processes of installation, video, and musical accompaniment. The lecture will take the form of a presentation of pictures and free commentary by the authors of the exhibition.

Michal Žilinský, Jakub Roček, Petr Jambor, Jakub Němec
Audio intervention: Tomáš Moravanský
Curator: Marianna Brinzová
Galerie U Dobrého pastýře
14. 06. – 15. 10. 2022