Pecha Kucha Night Brno #16

In programme

Pecha Kucha Night Brno #16

A tested presentation format Pecha Kucha Night will be a part of Brno 16 this year and its subtitle is "Brown Dwarves, Black Holes, Supernovas".

Invited guests of the festival B16 will present their projects, thoughts and ideas connected to the topic of the stars with the help of twenty pictures, where each picture only remains on the screen for twenty minutes. This will inject unusual dynamics into these presentations, as the presenting will have to express all the important ideas in a short amount time.

Petr Kamenický

Marek Adamov

Matěj Smetana

Jiří Zahrádka

Matky Kinečka

Šárka Gmiterková

Tomáš Javůrek & Barbora Trnková

Matúš Kocka
Šárka Zahálková

Jan Hollan


Milan Lazecký