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Even though Luboš Zvičina never studied at the academy of fine arts, he is definitely a talented artist. His works offer a synthesis of romanticism and rational obsessiveness of a mathematician or physicist searching for the exact laws of both imaginary and real spaces.

His motifs are full of a search for the unchanging foundation of things and – in connection with personal experience – creates a brand new reality. The artist is wholeheartedly against cruelty and violence as well as elevating these emotions into any kind of artistic expression, although he knows that negativity is easier to work within art than “peace and tranquility”. If the author inserts positive energy into his work, then the work will shine and keep passing that energy along to others.

Luboš Zvičina is currently in the process of converting his paintings, plastics, objects, and photos into digital versions, creating PC graphics and – mainly – short animated films accompanied by the original music of the artist’s granddaughter, Monica Dvorak-Platten, who lives in England.

PC Graphics Part I - Film with Music | 2009, 8’

YIN & YANG over MANDALA | 2008-2010, 4’

Space Message | 2014, 3’

Lighthouse in the Nebula | 2011, 3’

Galaxy I | 2014, 3’

Ring Planet | 2012, 4’

Asteroids and 2 Ring Planets near the Butterfly Nebula| 2012, 5’

Visit to Phobos | 2019, 1’

Mission to Mars | 2019, 35’