Early work of František Vláčil

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Early work of František Vláčil

“I never succumbed to any rules.
It became clear it is always possible to find a way.”

“To create short films
is a gentle miracle of creation.”

František Vláčil

František Vláčil (1924-1999), a phenomenal director and creator of Marketa Lazarová and Adelheid, focused in his early short films on the civil fight for quality medication, safe and frugal usage of electricity, and thermal energy. While studying Art history, he started drawing animated films in a studio in Brno as a part-time job, later he transferred to the Studio of Popular Science Films, where he did almost everything - light technician, production and later he also started creating his own films.

The real test of his skills was his work for Czechoslovakia’s Army Film studio, where he created six movies and finished with one of the best Czech short film in history - Clouds of Glass.


2018 Film Noimage

Medicament no. 2357 / Lék č. 2357

František Vláčil   14'   Czechoslovakia

2018 Film Noimage

Electricity Management / Hospodaření elektřinou

František Vláčil   12'   Czechoslovakia

2018 Film Noimage

Heat Revolution / Tepelná revoluce

František Vláčil   15'   Czechoslovakia


Electrical Accidents in the Industry / Úrazy elektřinou v průmyslu

František Vláčil   17'   Czechoslovakia

2018 Posadka Na Stite

The Crew on the Peak / Posádka na štítě

František Vláčil   11'   Czechoslovakia

2018 Sklenena Oblaka

Clouds of Glass / Skleněná oblaka

František Vláčil   20'   Československo