Young & Short 12–14

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15. 10.

Small Hall, Kino Art

15:00 - 16:15

Young & Short 12–14

Living with an alcoholic family, experiencing domestic violence, having parents who have separated, dealing with haters on social media, and being different in the community. Five short films in a collection address all of this in an unashamedly clear manner. The Young Film Fest's audience chose short features for their peers.


Fotografie Thea a Tuva

Thea & Tuva / Thea & Tuva

Kristian B. Walters   23'   Norway

Fotografie Dalía

Dalia / Dalía

Brúsi Ólason   16'   Iceland

Fotografie Run

Run / Run

Emma Miranda Moore   13'   United Kingdom

Fotografie toni with an i

toni_with_an_i / toni_with_an_i

Marco Alessi   12'   United Kingdom

Sanctuary / Azyl

Eva Matějovičová   5'   Czech rep.