Young & Short 15–18

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15. 10.

Small Hall, Kino Art

16:30 - 18:15

Young & Short 15–18

Insufferable parents, existential awkwardness of teenagers, techno music, drugs, domestic and state violence. A sequence of five short films talks clearly and without embarrassment about these topics. These short live-action films were selected by young audiences for everyone up to 99 years of age.


Fotografie Johana

Johana / Johana

Ondřej Pilát   10'   Czech rep.

Fotografie Zločinci

The Criminals / The Criminals

Serhat Karaaslan   23'   France Romania Turkey

Fotografie Technomami

Techno, mama / Techno, mama

Saulius Baradinskas   18'   Lithuania

Fotografie Wild minds

Wild Minds / Wild Minds

Hannah Elbke   29'   denmark

Fotografie Zásvětí

Vyraj / Wyraj

Agnieszka Nowosielska   20'   Poland