Real Madrid Tanker

Original title

Naftkeshe Real Madrid








Vida Salehi

Qassan, the young Iraqi, works on a tanker truck taking oil from Iraq, delivers it in quays in the south of Iran and drives back. On the way back to Iraq, due to the heavy traffic of tankers, doing the same as he does, he has to wait a long line in order to cross the border. Alongside with the other driver's, he has to spend 20 days getting across the border between Iraq and Iran.
On the other side of the Iranian border, where Qassan lives, his baby is coming and he is in the most hurry to go across the border, back to Iraq where he could be present for his baby’s birth but the situation doesn't go as he wishes and, having got stuck in the border again, he will have to hear his baby’s voice through a mobile phone.

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