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Jan Sichler

Dream was made by Jarmila Müllerová and Jan Sichler based on the prose of Jan Weiss, in which dreams and reality intertwine. The acting is excellent and the film evokes the suffocating atmosphere of a tyrannical relationship between one being and another. By materializing and making visible the interplay of fantasies on the edge between waking and dreaming, the film’s story has reached a symbolic level. Interwoven with other literary symbols, it constantly leads the audience to decipher their meaning in relation to the whole piece, which they often fail to do.”

(Alena Kučerová: Česká národní soutěž, Amatérský film č. 8-9, 1976 s. 173).

In programme

In a Fever-stricken Brain: A Series of Three Short Adaptations of Literary Works by Jan Weiss

20. 10.

Small Hall, Kino Art

17:30 - 18:45

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