Skeče Tellera a Seriše

Original title

Skeče Tellera a Seriše





A series of sketches with the pair of popular Brno comedians Filip Teller and Pavel Seriš is inspired by the work of creators Key and Peele.

The theme of the pilot sketch is excessive consumer protection in the form of absurdly drastic warning labels on (all!) potentially harmful products.
On the way to a date, a man stops into a convenience store for a few things to make the date night more enjoyable. However, all the dirty pleasure paraphernalia is plastered with garishly disgusting images warning of alcoholism, nasty diseases of the body and morbid obesity. The man, with the help of a cynically glossing salesman, tries to select the least repulsive ones so that the nice evening doesn't end before it begins. In desperation, he finally resorts to the idea of buying some of the fruit on display. After all, one sweet apple doesn't hurt anyone and is even healthy... or is it?

In programme

Brno Projects

14. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

18:00 - 19:00

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