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Cordula Rieger

Director of photography

Anna Viola Haderer

Cordula Rieger’s THE GALLERY documents the eponymous action by the FLINT collective (women, lesbian, inter, non-binary, and trans* people) femplak_wien (feminist posters Vienna). Members of the collective focus on their individual experiences of sexualized violence—together and in solidarity. What was forced into silence for years is written down and exhibited verbatim. This allows a larger picture of omnipresent gender-specific violence to emerge in public space (namely, under the Reichsbrücke, and also virtually on femplak’s Instagram channel).

The protagonists arrive at their own specific expression, first by writing, letter for letter, page for page, then also acoustically. They narrate from off-camera, one story becomes many that overlap and flow into a polyphonic choir.

THE GALLERY carefully compiles the puzzle pieces—faces, stories, voices—and constructs the larger, collective context.

In programme

We can do it – it works, doesn’t it ?

15. 10.

Big Hall, Kino Art

17:00 - 18:00

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